Privacy Policy

Every aspect of our support group is confidential. Our Web site is no exception. We take the privacy and anonymity of our site visitors very seriously.

This site does not install software on your system, and does not track your browsing habits. The server-software it uses (WordPress) does leave a “cookie” on your computer. This cookie is a “session ID” generated by the server’s PHP engine; it’s randomly assigned as you enter the site, and cannot be used to identify you (it is merely an arbitrary marker for your browsing session allowing WordPress to differentiate your computer from other site visitors at the same time). It leaves nothing else on your computer.

Like virtually all Web servers, ours logs “hits” (or requests for data), including Internet addresses; however, without specific information from your ISP (Internet service provider), we cannot use this information to identify you — and ISPs never disclose this information to private entities such as our chapter. (They often resist even complying with court orders for such data, so we are in no position to get it from them.)

Rest assured, you are safely anonymous here!

Using our “Contact Us” form does not give us any information about you, unless you provide us your email address or or type other personal information in its text boxes. You do not need to provide your email address in order to leave us feedback — but in order for us to respond to you, if you wish it, you will have to provide us at least with your email address.

Although comments are disabled for most pages on this site, making it unnecessary to do so, it is possible to create a WordPress account. If you do, you will have to provide us an email address. Creating such an account is totally unnecessary, however, as all pages on this blog are freely available, so there is no need to do so.