Getting to Us

As noted on our Welcome page, our support group meets at the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, Connecticut. Its official address is 540 Litchfield St, Torrington, CT 06790. Their main phone number is 860-496-6666.

The hospital has a “directions” page on its own Web site, which you may find helpful.

Online mapping services can help you find your way to the hospital, on Google Maps (see also embedded map below), Mapquest, and Bing Maps, among others.

The hospital is on a hill just outside of downtown Torrington. It has two driveways for visitors. If you’re heading uphill toward the hospital, from downtown, you’ll want to take the first one you come to. The driveway snakes a little further uphill. A small oval parking lot (with a large island in the middle) is ahead-left, once you reach the hospital. The main entrance, with an Information Desk just inside, is right there, at the far end of the oval. That little oval lot can get filled, but there’s also more parking in two small lots to the right, directly across from the oval. (See parking & entrance map, below.)

The meetings are in the Small Dining Room off the main Cafeteria. When you get to the hospital, look for the Cafeteria and you won’t be able to miss it. The Information Desk will be able to direct you, if needed.

Google Map of CHH:

Parking & Entrance Map

(Click to enlarge)

Getting to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, based on Bing Maps Bird's Eye aerial image - Click to Enlarge

Getting to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, based on Bing Maps Bird’s Eye aerial image – Click to Enlarge